Paradise Valley Cadet Squadron 310

"Failure is giving up what you want in the future for what you want right now." - USAF Officer

Celebrating Cadets' Achievements

This page is dedicated to the personal achievements and CAP milestones of our cadets.  We are very proud of all our cadets.  We celebrate these special moments with them here, and share their joy in their triumphs.  The articles are arranged as information was received.  Be sure to scroll down the page to see all our cadets' accomplishments.  

O-Flights are Fun!!

Lt. John Huls (Squadron 314) takes C/SSgt Chapman (front seat) and C/TSgt Moya on an Orientation Flight.  Each cadet is given 5 O-Flights in a CAP Cessna, and taught a specific syllabus for each flight by one of CAP's pilots.  As you can see the flights are fun for all involved!

DAR Silver Medal Award

Congratulations to C/1Lt. Courtney Raymond for being awarded the Silver Daughters of the American Revolution Outstanding Cadet Medal!  This award is presented by the DAR to the cadet that best exemplifies outstanding leadership, honor, service, courage and patriotism.   

Promotions November 2019

Congratulations to (l-r) C/TSgt. Ryu, C/TSgt. Sebright, C/Amn. Z. Kudla, C/TSgt. Moya, C/SSgt. Chapman, C/SrA. Padron, C/Amn. M. Kudla, and C/A1C. Steinaker on the recent promotions.  Outstanding work cadets!

Sky Kids 2019

Squadron 310 was once again honored to participate in the Sky Kids event at Scottsdale Airport.  We had 30 cadets and seniors participating in flight line safety to help ensure safe flights for the sky kids.  Thank you to all who gave up their Saturday to help out! 

Promotions August 2019

August was a record month for squadron promotions with 13 cadets promoting!  Congratulations to (l-r) C/SSgt Marvin, C/MSgt Emig, C/A1C Lockard, C/SSgt Moya, CSMSgt R. Bubby, C/A1C Fournier, C/2Lt Raymond, C/Amn Auh, C/2Lt Grant, C/SMSgt S. Bubby, C/SSgt Frandsen, C/TSgt Cakebread, and C/SSgt Sebright (not pictured).  Outstanding work cadets!

Encampment 2019

Congratulations to the following cadets for successfully completing the 2019 Arizona Wing Encampment at Ft. Huachuca! (l-r) C/Amn Padron, C/SrA Simpson, C/MSgt R. Bubby, C/SMSgt Pathio, C/SMSgt Carlson, C/TSgt Emig, C/Amn Steinaker, C/SrA Rudisill, C/MSgt S. Bubby, C/SrA Sebright, and C/SrA Chapman.  Not pictured: C/SrA Moya, C/Amn Fournier, C/Capt Rich, and C/1Lt Zaro.

A special congratulations to C/MSgt S. Bubby for being named Honor Cadet for the 2019 Arizoan Wing Encampment!  Outstanding work!

New Cadet Commander

Congratulations to C/2Lt Courtney Raymond for being named 310's Cadet Commander!

Our thanks to outgoing Commander C/Capt. Casey Rich, and best wishes in all of his future endeavors.

June Promotions

Congratulations to (l-r) C/SrA Chapman, C/MSgt S. Bubby, C/MSgt R. Bubby, C/SrA Rudisill, C/Amn Lockard, and 310's newest Cadet Commander, 2Lt Raymond.  Well done everyone!

May Promotion Explosion

Congratulations to (l-r) C/Amn Padron, C/SrA Ryu, C/TSgt Emig, C/SSgt Marvin, C/SrA Moya, C/SrA Sebright, C/SMSgt Pathio, and C/1Lt Raymond on their recent promotions as well as to C/SMSgt Carlson (not pictured) for being named First Sergeant.  Outstanding work cadets!

April 2019 Promotions

Congratulations to (l-r) C/Amn Fournier, C/TSgt Siva Bubby, C/TSgt Ram Bubby, C/A1C Rudisill, C/SSgt Cakebread, and C/Amn Steinaker on their promotions!

Run the Runway 2019

Thank you to the cadets and seniors who helped with Run the Runway, April 2019.  The morning was capped off with a visit to a nearby USMC Harrier.

March 2019 Promotions

Congratulations to (l-r) C/A1C Ryu, CA1C Chapman, 2Lt. Chapman, C/MSgt Pathio, C/A1C Sebright, C/SSgt Emig, C/SMSgt Carlson, and 2Lt. Bubby on their promotions!

September Orientation Flights

Lt. Col. Jim Fendley (Squadron 314) flew six of our cadets on 8 SEPT. For five of them it was their first O-Flight and despite warm temperatures, the smiles indicate mission accomplished!  Pictured is Cadet Moya, Lt. Col. Fendley, and C/Amn Emig.

August Promotions

Congratulations to (l-r) C/A1C Cakebread, C/A1C Frandsen, C/Amn S. Bubby, C/Amn Emig, C/Amn R. Bubby, C/CMSgt Hernandez, and (not pictured) C/SrA Marvin, C/CCMSgt Grant

Encampment 2018

8 Cadets (including two staff members) from Squadron 310 successfully completed the AZ Wing Summer Encampment 2018 at Ft. Huachuca.  Congratulations to all of you!

April Promotions

Congratulations to C/1Lt. Zaro, C/CMSgt. Raymond, C/A1C Pathio, and C/Amn Marvin on their recent promotions!  Great work cadets!

New 310 Cadet Command Staff

Congratulations and thank you to our new Cadet Command Staff:

C/1Lt. Troy Zaro, Cadet Commander

C/1Lt. Casey Rich, Deputy Cadet Commander

C/CMSgt. Courtney Raymond, First Sergeant

March Promotions

Former 310 Cadets Reunite at All Academies Ball

Three former Squadron 310 Cadets now attending service academies had an opportunity to reconnect at the Arizona All Academies Ball in December 2017.  Pictured left to right is Cadet 4th Class Casey Cooper (USAFA '21), Midshipman 1st Class Grant Zaro (USNA '18) and Midshipman 4th Class Sam Mills (USMMA '21).  We're proud of you guys!

December Promotions

Congratulations to C/TSgt. Jeremiah Hernandez, C/SrAmn. Zachary Carlson, and C/SrAmn. William Eelkema on their recent promotions!

Former 310 Cadet Graduates From
the U.S. Naval Academy

Congratulations to former Squadron 310 Cadet, Ensign Paul Kruger for his graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy and commissioning as a U.S. Naval Officer!

Staff Sergeant Wentzel, USMC Recon 

On 6 FEB 2017, Staff Sergeant Ryan Wentzel, a U.S. Marine Corps Recon team leader gave a presentation to the squadron on Situational Awareness, Leadership, and life as a Marine Recon member.  Staff Sgt. Wentzel also did some hands on activities with the cadets that included familiarization with some of his combat equipment and a memory observation activity.  A great presentation from one of our heroes in uniform!




F-16 Flight Simulator
6 lucky cadets had the opportunity to use the F-16 Flight Simulator at Luke AFB on 27 JAN 2017.  The experience was incredible and we definitely have some future fighter pilots in the squadron!  A huge thank you goes to our CAPRAPs, Maj. Tim Brown and Master Sgt. Tim Gagnon for arranging this amazing event.
Sky Kids 2016

Squadrons 310 and 314 helped make Sky Kids a dream come true for 130 disabled children on 5 NOV.  The 'Sky Kids' were given free airplane rides thanks to the Sky Kids foundation and volunteer pilots.  We had beautiful weather, great fun, and lots of smiles!  Thank you cadets and seniors for your continued service to the community!

Promotion Explosion

On 20 June 2016, the squadron promoted 8 cadets!  It was great to see so many cadets promoting -- keep it up 310!  Congratulations to C/Capt. Mills (Achievement 13, AEO), C/TSgt. Zaro, C/CSSgt Self (Wright Brothers Milestone), C/A1C Davis, C/A1C Grant, C/A1C VanHeemst, C/Amn James, and C/Amn Raymond.

310 Color Guard Presents Colors

Squadron 310's Color Guard presented the colors at Archway Scottsdale's graduation ceremony on 25 May 2016.  Special thanks to C/1st Lt. Wesley Goldenetz for preparing the cadets for the event.  C/Capts. Samuel Mills and Zachary Yang also folded the school's American flag which was flown above the state capitol as part of the ceremony.


Congratulations Cadets on your Promotions!

Congratulations to the following cadets on the recent promotions on 18 April:

C/SSgt. Troy Zaro, C/SrAmn. Nick Fournier, C/SrAmn. Casey Rich, C/SrAmn. Noah Self, and C/Amn. Michael VanHeemst.

Congratulations also go to C/Capt. Zachary Yang for being chosen Cadet of the Month! 

April is Air Show Month!

Squadron 310 cadets and seniors helped at the Luke Days Air Show at Luke AFB and the Collings Foundation Air Show at Scottsdale Airport this month.  Cadets helped with crowd control and safety of spectators as well as prepping some of those amazing WW2 warbirds at the Collings Foundation show.

Cadets Go Rock Climbing!

February 29th was not only Leap Year, but a 5th Monday!  On these rare occasions, the squadron will plan a fun activity.  This time it was rock climbing at AZ on the Rocks.  The cadets did free climbing, belaying, and even some competitive climbs against each other.  It was great fun and a terrific team building experience.  Special thanks to Maj. Prokopow and Capt. Hoza for providing their belaying expertise!

310 and 314 Share Annual Safety Day/ORM Training

 On 22 February 2016, 310 shared CAP's annual Safety Day and ORM Training with our neighbor Senior Squadron 314.  Among the training was how static electricity can pose a danger around gasoline and aviation fuel.  The training included a hair-raising experiment!

Congratulations to the following cadets for their recent promotions!

C/Amn Bartlett, C/Amn Beher, C/CMSgt DeWeese, C/A1C Fournier, C/A1C Rich, C/A1C Self, and C/Capt Yang.  Keep promoting cadets!

Former 310 Cadets Excel at U.S. Naval Academy

Two former Squadron 310 Cadets are currently attending the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, Midshipman 2nd Class Paul Kruger ('17) and Midshipman 3rd Class Grant Zaro ('18).  Upon graduation, Midshipman Kruger plans on entering Naval Aviation, specifically flying F/A-18s.  Midshipman Zaro is planning on Special Operations, Marine Intelligence or Marine Ground.

C/TSgt David Stockdale Awarded AFROTC scholarship
Rotary Youth Salute our Sqn 310 Cadet Commander C/Maj Zaro

[16 Apr 2013]  C/Maj Zaro was one of 4 Rotary Youth Salute winners last night at the Scottsdale Community College.  He was awarded scholarship and an all expenses paid trip to the Town Meeting on Tomorrow conference, hosted by the National Council on Youth Leadership.  The conference will be held at the Washington University, St. Louis.  C/Maj Zaro was one of 12 finalists to be selected among 70 plus nominees.  Each nominee was recommended by their school based on leadership, academics and leadership role in extra-curriculum and community activities participation.  Congrats!

Cadets Helping at the Wings of Freedom Show




[13 Apr 2013]    Sqn 310 cadets helped with the Wings of Freedom show at the Scottsdale airport.  The Collins Foundation aircrafts on display included B17, B24, P51 Mustang, and a Me 262, WWII era German fighter jet, shown in the background in these photos of the cadets.   

Scottsdale Councilman, AZ Wing Commander, Dignitaries, and Family Members Present at Promotion Ceremony

[18 Mar 2013]   Several cadets achieved their milestone awards this month.  Scottsdale Councilman Robert Littlefield, AZ Wing Commander Col Brian Ready, CAP Southwest Region Director of Cadet Programs LtCol Adam Such, AZ Wing Chief of Staff LtCol Paul Rehman, Director of Operations LtCol Martha Morris, CAP-USAF Representative Maj Elizabeth Petersen, and countless parents and family members were present to celebrate with the cadets at the ceremony.  Two of our new cadets: Dana Butcher and Conrad Tanasy received their first stripe.  Casey Cooper is on his second step to advance through the ranks.  Nathaniel Yang received his milestone award promotion and joined the NCO rank.  Daniel Harmon and Samuel Mills attained their Senior Master Sgts ranks.  Our Deputy Cadet Commander, Lucas Ziomek, received his Captain rank and cadet commander Grant Zaro his Major diamond.  That is EIGHT cadets promoting in one night.  Congrats to all the cadets that worked hard for their achievements.   



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